Not just “a translation”

Translating a novel requires far more than simple technical accuracy. It’s a delicate process that demands a unique combination of mastery of the language and creative artistry to ensure that the lyrical beauty of the work — as well as the original content — is not lost.

That’s why our team is made of professional translators with a true passion for reading and writing.

Creativity Counts in Book Translation

Not only must all of a book’s content information – from plot development to characterization – be accurately translated, it must also be translated in a lyrical manner that reflects the existing tone and style of the original work. This is much easier said than done! Translating beautifully-written, descriptive passages or a few lines of poetry where words often carry multiple meanings, can be immensely challenging.

Book translation requires a good ear and a talent for written expression, just as much as it demands linguistic expertise.



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